Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry Mindy! I was tagged forever ago and am just now getting down to doing it. When Camden started school I wanted to volunteer when I could. So I jumped right in and joined the PTA Board to chair the book fair. It was last week so I have been crazy buzy for a couple of weeks. After being at home with 3 babies for 5 years, it was a nice change. It was nice to have adult conversations all day, to be in charge of something different and to be appreciated (by someone other than my husband). But now it is over and I can get back to diaper changes, dishes, laundry and blogging!

8 Things I Did Today
1. changed diapers
2. played with Thomas the Tank Engine
3. went to Camden's Christmas party
4. helped Camden deliver Christmas presents
5. went to Anamia's with Justin and the boys
6. put Jackson down for a nap
7. took a nap with Zachy - yeah!
8. unloaded the dishwasher

8 of My Favorite Restaurants
1. Anamia's
2. Mi Cocina
3. Aubleos
4. Chipotle
5. Casa Ole - notice a pattern!
6.Chick fil A
7. The Melting Pot
8. Saltgrass

8 Shows I Watch
1. Thomas the Tank Engine
2. Power Rangers
3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
4. (and if there's time) Greys Anatomy
5. The Unit
6. Desperate Housewives
7. Heroes
8. Criminal Minds

8 Things I Wish For
1. another bedroom
2. a baby girl (not in the next 9 mo please!)
3. my boys to grow up to be strong Christians
4. Legacy to be on KLTY
5. Mom and my business to take off
6. no more diapers
7. more people to know Christ
8. everyone to be nice

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. no more diapers
2. my boys being taller than I am
3. Justin coming home from work
4. getting a store front
5. date nights
6. my mom retiring
7. my dad moving back to the states
8. Christmas

I will post pictures soon, since I know that is what everyone comes for!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Future Legacy Members

Clint, this one is for you! A couple weekends ago we drove to Abilene to see my brother and his new wife. On the way the boys wanted to listed to the "Clint CD" over and over. Hey, whatever keeps them happy during the 3 hour drive! Hope this works.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Since I am a little behind, I'll just post our pictures from the pumpkin patch and from Halloween together. So - since I have lots of pictures, I won't write much.

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch and the boys had a great time.

They loved pulling the wagons.

Before I got a single picture, Jackson did a face plant and scratched up his nose and lip.

Our previous patch pictures are on a disc somewhere, but if I find them soon I post them.

For Halloween night we went to Main Street for their big carnival they have every year. I like that more door-to-dooring because the boys get so wrapped up in the games and other activities that they don't want to go to the stores for candy. That means we come home with very little candy!

Before they started playing - I got lots of compliments on their costumes but I didn't like the way their boots came out. They wouldn't stay in place - I should have just put some tape on black rain boots.

Hope everyone had a wonderful time - now I can't wait until Christmas!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad Mommy!

While I sort laundry, the little boys usually love to help. Usually that makes for a very long process. Today they found something else to keep them occupied.

What does that say on the bottom?

Justin got a good kick out of it. It brought back a good memory (for him!) When his sister Mary was little he asked her if she wanted to ride on a space ship and put her in the dryer. He then shut the door and turned it on. He says he only let her turn twice before he let her out. See, Clint, you had it easy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns!

Yeah for Texas! I married into a HUGE Texas family and I guess it has rubbed off a little. Before the game we went to a local fire station for their open house. The boys had a wonderful time - even with Justin checking his watch every 5 minutes to make sure we weren't going to miss one second of the game. They boys were able to talk to all the firemen, climb on the fire engines and ambulances and eat popcorn. They, well Camden and Zachary, decided they should all be firemen for Halloween. *Kendra* Camden said, "Then we can be just like Mr. Jeremy!"

He knew I was going to take pictures, so Jackson spilled chocolate milk on his horns shirt as we were walking out the door.

Camden loved sitting in the driver seat. Notice Zachary is crying in this picture.

He somehow cut his leg on something in the engine and had to get bandaged by a fireman.

They had set up this really cute cut-out of a house. Behind it they were lighting a fire and letting the kids spray water through the window to put out the fire. It was hard to get the boys to stop.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

August Post

Back in August we went to a birthday party for the little boy of one of Justin's best friends. Micah - who is named after another good friend that was died in a kayaking accident, Micah Tate - is now 3 years old. That is where Zachary got his middle name, Zachary Tate. Anyway we got some really cute pictures and I am just now getting around to posting them. Enjoy!

After all the kids hit the pinata 3 times, it still had not cracked so Justin took a whack at it. Yes he's soaked. He was half way across the yard following Zachary when Zach ran around the pool and jumped in the deep end. I'm so glad Justin was one step behind him.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I promise I am not trying to win the worst-blogger-award, but we have been busy. After living at mom's for the whole summer we are finally moved in. When I say moved in I mean we are physically in. Most of our stuff is still in boxes and I am trying to unpack the essentials while 6 little hands help me unpack/repack. Shara, you know what I'm talking about.

Camden started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and is loving it. I knew he would. He pretended to be shy on meet the teacher night and I promised Mrs. Powell it wouldn't last. Sure enough on the 2nd day of school she meet me in the hall and told me what a sweet boy Camden is. She did say he is quite the chatter box. He loves P.E./Recess. I could have picked that, it's the only time he can be as loud as he wants.
Camden before we leave for the first day. Sorry, I forget about rotating my pictures before I post them to the blog.

Daddy walking in with the boys and me following behind taking a picture of every possible thing.

Camden with Mrs. Powell

I thought maybe, just maybe, Camden would be a little tired when we picked him up. Not a chance. He has been going to sleep at night easily now.

We finally got Jackson his first haircut. I have been waiting because of the curls. His is about as curly as Camden's was and after we cut his the first time, the curls went away. For now it hasn't changed.


A hairy sucker to keep him occupied

This is a terrible picture of the finished product. I should scan the one they took.

And not much new with Zachary so I'll just post some pictures.

I thought I might try potty training while we were at mom's - hahaha - anyway we had to get Thomas underwear. I asked him what color he wanted to wear and he said "blue". So we put the blue ones one, "and green", so we put the green ones on, "and red", so we put the red ones on. Here he is wearing 6 pairs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sorry we have been gone so long! We are desperately trying to get moved in before Camden starts school Monday. In May we found out that the house we were renting (to see if we wanted to move to the area) had been foreclosed and we had 2 weeks to move out. So.....we moved into my mom's house while Justin finished the wood floors in our house in Flower Mound. I truly thought we would be moved in by July. It is now almost September. Our summer has not gone exactly as planned.

But - on to pictures. I love rain. I love the smell of rain. I love the sound of rain. I love watching rain. I love that it cools off our 100+ days. We have been blessed with a few days of rain and wanted to take advantage of them. The boys and I have spend several hours this week outside playing in the rain. What a way to spend your last week of summer!
Most of the yard is full of grass so naturally they spend the whole day in the one little corner that was all mud.
I apologize to Camden for the underwear pictures.

We lost 3 of Mimi's spoons in the mud. I'm sure we'll find them the next time someone cuts the grass.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 10th of July!

We are really still here - we have just had a crazy summer. For about 5 days now I have been trying to find time to post pictures of our Independence Day celebrations. On the 3rd we went to the Southlake fireworks. They were good and the boys had fun. We went with my step dad's family so there were lots of kids for them to play with. I didn't get many good pictures from that night.
On the 4th we went to Lake Grapevine and spent the day swimming in the lake. They had wonderful fireworks and it was so much fun to watch them from the boat - even though we were close enough to have it rain ashes on us.
Camden was so excited about using a tube on the lake - until it was time to get on. We got the tube in the water and told him to get on but he didn't want to. So I, being the mean mommy that I am, told him he had to. For about a week all I had heard about was going to the lake to use his tube and I knew if he didn't I would hear about how he wanted to do it for the next week. So this picture looks like he is smiling, but it is fake. Even though I am right next to him holding on to him. (I just wasn't about to put a picture of me for the whole world to see after I had been in the lake out in the sun all day!)

I also want to wish my wonderful little brother a happy 25th birthday! Clint, you are an amazing brother and uncle. I am so proud of what you are doing now. I can't believe you are 25!!! Speaking of Clint - those of you who haven't heard him and his group Legacy, they are going to be in the metroplex soon. Check out their website - - for the complete calender. They will be at Mansfield Church of Christ July 29 and Saturn Road Church of Christ July 30. If you are anywhere in the neighborhood go see them. You'll love it!