Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Saturday was Jackson's first birthday. The other boys have grown up so fast, but this one felt like I just skipped about 10 months. It really does feel like just the other day when we brought him home. I guess when there is three you don't have time to sit and take everything in. It makes me sad to think I might be missing something. But - he is a wonderful baby. He is still crawling, not taking any steps yet. He pulls up on everything and can climb up on all kinds of things - couch, chairs, beds. He has become a very fast crawler and can almost keep up with the other boys when they run around the house. He is saying Dada, Mama, no no no and ni ni (night night). He loves the water and to be outside. Here are some pictures from this last year. We are going to have a birthday party this weekend down at Justin's parents house so we just got together and had a cookout and cupcakes. It is so hard to get Jackson to sit still long enough to take a picture so I just have a ton of his many faces and of him moving all around.