Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My babies are growing up

First of all, for all of you who couldn't post a comment - I think I fixed it so now anyone can leave one.

All of my babies are growing up. Camden had his first dinner guest. His little girlfriend (sorry Mandy!) stayed for dinner last night. She is in kindergarten (an older woman) and lives across the street. She comes over to get him everyday when she gets home from school so they can play. She is a sweet little girl.

Zachary's hand is doing much better. It really didn't slow him down very much.

Jackson finally started sitting up. I'm sorry to everyone who had to listen to me about this. He will only sit for a minute and then goes to eat his toes and topples over. I don't know why these pictures are so small!

Monday, January 28, 2008

15 Hours

What can happen in about 15 hours? With 3 small boys - alot!

A goose egg - Camden and Zachary were jumping on the bed and cracked heads.

Scratched hands - our new puppy loves to play with the boys but gets a little rough.

A burned hand - Zachary was unloading the dishwasher faster than I could load it so I put him in the garage with Daddy. I didn't know he had turned on the space heater while he was working and sure enough, Zachary touched it. You can see the blisters on his fingers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our trip to Colorado

We went to Colorado for the holiday weekend. We got up at 5:00 Friday morning to get to the airport by 7:00. Camden and Zachary were excited about being able to get on a plane. As were were pulling into our parking space I thought about Camden's passport. I had taken it out intending on taking it just in case. I looked in the diaper bag and sure enough I had left it on the desk. I then realized I had left my wallet at home also. And in the wallet - my driver's license. By now it is 8:00 and there is no way we are going to make it all the way back home to Keller and back to DFW in time to board the flight. Justin checked and was told I could not board with out form of ID and that there were 2 other flights that day but they were both overbooked. I called Mom to see if she had any suggestions and she said she would check other airlines. I went back up to the ticket counter to talk to another gentleman that had just walked out. He asked if he could help me and I told him the deal. He started typing on the computer and in about 10 seconds had a boarding pass for me and Jackson. Justin had already gotten on for Camden, Zachary and himself. I told him again I didn't have ID. He said that was fine and I would just be subject to more security checks. Justin had moved the car up to the door so we could get our luggage out as fast as we could and loaded in the plane. The guy helped me with the boys so we could go ahead and get through security. Luckily there was no line. He helped Zachary and Camden take their shoes off and then handed them over so a lady on the other side of the metal detector and she help them put them back on. By this time Justin had reparked the car and had made it through security also. We got to our gate just in time to get on the plane. The flight there went very well. When we first sat down I noticed Jackson needed a new diaper. I took him to the bathroom expecting there to be some kind of little changing table or something. There wasn't. So I sat down on the toilet and crammed my legs up on the wall and changed him on my lap trying not to get anything on my pants. When we got settled again Jackson and Camden slept and Zachary was happy looking the window and drinking Dr. Pepper the flight attendant kept bringing him. Hey - whatever keeps him happy. Little did I know that was the last time he was going to be happy until Monday night when we got to our neighborhood.

When we finally got everyone, all the car seats and all the luggage in the rental we finally headed out for some lunch. After we had ice cream at Dairy Queen we go back in the car to head up the mountain to Keystone. About 15 minutes up the mountain Zachary started to whine. I was sure it was his ears so I gave him a sippy cup to suck on. He went to sleep for a few minutes and woke up whining. This was the theme the whole trip. I don't know if he just couldn't get his ears to pop or if he couldn't warm up or what. The only time he smiled was for a second when Justin was taking him around our cabin on a snowmobile. Camden had a wonderful time. He had planned on putting him in ski school but when we got there, the school was completely booked because of the holiday weekend. So he did alot of tubing and sledding. The only time he wasn't happy is when we make him come in and warm up. Jackson did well if he was inside. We took him with us once to do some family tubing and he just got too cold to have much fun. We bundled him up as much as we could with lots of layers, socks, gloves and blankets but his face was cold. It was a little chilly. Most days the wind chill was -25 and the temp was 0-3 deg. I didn't get many pictures because I almost always had a child on my hip. I really wanted a cute one of the boys in the snow but maybe next time.

Mom and I almost didn't get to come home Monday. I should tell you this was United. We got the the ticket counter 3 hours before our flight and the two of us didn't get a seat assignment. We were told to check at the gate when we got there. It was snowing pretty hard so our flight had been delayed about an hour. Our gate was loading the previous flight and we were told to wait until they were done with that. So we went back and sat down. After the San Fransisco flight had all been boarded and they changed the sign to say Dallas we went back up to get a seat. We were told again to sit down and they would call our names. We waited and listened to 15 people get their name called and get a seat assignment. Then the guy left the desk and went over to the door and started calling sections to board. We immediately went over - with Jackson so he could see we had a baby - and asked again about our seats. He told us it was overbooked and there were no more seats. I was starting to get a little fired up and asked him if he noticed the infant that was on my him. He said he understood - bolognese - but they were over booked. Now I understand that it is not his fault that they book 30 people more than the plane will hold because they want to make every dollar they can and heaven forbid they have an empty seat on the plane if someone doesn't show up. They said they would give us a hotel and food passes to take another flight. Justin asked if we could get our luggage and they said no. He also told Justin he couldn't get the vouchers because he already had a seat. By now I was mad and let him know it. Everyone one had boarded the flight now and Justin came over to tell him he was not getting on without me. This guy never looked up at us but reached down and slapped two ticket on the counter and told Justin he had our tickets all along he just wanted to listen to us. I don't remember the last time I was too shocked to move or talk. When I got my breath back I told him I wanted his name. He pointed to his badge which didn't have a name just a series of numbers and said this was the last call for boarding. When we got on the plane he had sat both of us, me with Jackson and mom with Zachary on the exit row. The poor flight attentant said , "I can't have babies sitting on the exit row." I just looked at her and showed her my ticket. She had us stand up and asked for people to change with us. Luckily behind us was a big group of singles from a church in Dallas that were on their way home from a ski trip. Two people jumped up and said they would switch. They were all very nice and enjoyed playing with the babies during the flight. When we finally got loaded in our car and back to our neighborhood Zachary was the only one who had not fallen asleep. He noticed where we were and said "Home! YEAH!" and clapped. Then, "Quack Quack! YEAH!" and clapped. Justin didn't think he needed to bring his stuffed duck. And when we got to the fountain he said, "Water! YEAH!" and clapped. I have never seen anyone so excited to be home. It took me all day yesterday to unpack and try to get back to normal. Yesterday after lunch Camden asked what we were doing tomorrow. I told him it was a school day. He said he wanted to get on another plane and go back to Colorado. He obviously missed everything but the snow on the trip.

Camden loved the snow. He now wants to move to Colorado so he can snowboard and play in the snow everyday.
One of Camden's favorite things was sledding. He climbed up the driveway and slid down for hours.
On the way to the car to go to the airport I realized I didn't have a single family picture or any of the little boys in the snow. Camden is sad we're leaving Zachary is still whining.

This is what Camden looked like at the end of the day when we finally dragged him inside.

Our cabin

Monday, January 14, 2008

Joining the blogging world

I have decided to start a blog for 2008. Hopefully family and friends can now keep up with the Potter family. I have great plans to keep this updated even with 1 husband, 3 active boys and 1 new puppy. We'll see how long that lasts! I wanted to post some new pictures of they boys. Enjoy!

Camden with our newest member of the family - Penny. Finally another girl in the house!

Zachary loves to eat. He was fully enjoying a cupcake at school.

Jackson is the happiest baby. All you have to do is look at him and he smiles!