Sunday, September 21, 2008

August Post

Back in August we went to a birthday party for the little boy of one of Justin's best friends. Micah - who is named after another good friend that was died in a kayaking accident, Micah Tate - is now 3 years old. That is where Zachary got his middle name, Zachary Tate. Anyway we got some really cute pictures and I am just now getting around to posting them. Enjoy!

After all the kids hit the pinata 3 times, it still had not cracked so Justin took a whack at it. Yes he's soaked. He was half way across the yard following Zachary when Zach ran around the pool and jumped in the deep end. I'm so glad Justin was one step behind him.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I promise I am not trying to win the worst-blogger-award, but we have been busy. After living at mom's for the whole summer we are finally moved in. When I say moved in I mean we are physically in. Most of our stuff is still in boxes and I am trying to unpack the essentials while 6 little hands help me unpack/repack. Shara, you know what I'm talking about.

Camden started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and is loving it. I knew he would. He pretended to be shy on meet the teacher night and I promised Mrs. Powell it wouldn't last. Sure enough on the 2nd day of school she meet me in the hall and told me what a sweet boy Camden is. She did say he is quite the chatter box. He loves P.E./Recess. I could have picked that, it's the only time he can be as loud as he wants.
Camden before we leave for the first day. Sorry, I forget about rotating my pictures before I post them to the blog.

Daddy walking in with the boys and me following behind taking a picture of every possible thing.

Camden with Mrs. Powell

I thought maybe, just maybe, Camden would be a little tired when we picked him up. Not a chance. He has been going to sleep at night easily now.

We finally got Jackson his first haircut. I have been waiting because of the curls. His is about as curly as Camden's was and after we cut his the first time, the curls went away. For now it hasn't changed.


A hairy sucker to keep him occupied

This is a terrible picture of the finished product. I should scan the one they took.

And not much new with Zachary so I'll just post some pictures.

I thought I might try potty training while we were at mom's - hahaha - anyway we had to get Thomas underwear. I asked him what color he wanted to wear and he said "blue". So we put the blue ones one, "and green", so we put the green ones on, "and red", so we put the red ones on. Here he is wearing 6 pairs.