Thursday, January 22, 2009

Park Time

We have had a few gorgeous days this winter - even for Texas. We have tried to make the most of it and spend a our fair share of park time. I don't have any fun stories, just fun pictures.

Feeding the ducks with Nana

And this is why I can't have anything on the bottom three shelves of my bookcases.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Photos

Now that it is almost mid-January I am ready to post our Christmas pictures. We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's then came home and opened presents from my dad and went back to mom's in the morning. This year we tried to have the boys play with each present as they opened them so present opening time lasted all morning.

The boys waiting so patiently for their stockings
A Push-Up Pop!
Camden has been asking Santa for a Polar Express train for a few years and he was able to find one this year! But is he playing with it - NO! At least he's not the only one in love with trains.
Camden loved his new Bolt game for our Wii
Zachary like boxing

Mimi has an ornament with a train that goes around and the boys love it.

I love this face!

One of Camden's friend from school got a four wheeler so of course we had to go over and try it.

I have a few more pictures and a cute video I tried to post but Blogger wouldn't let me. I'll try again later. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Late - as usual

I promise I will let you all know how our Christmas/New Year's/My 30th Birthday were as soon as I can. I just need to download all our 300 photos! We did have a good Christmas - all the boys were really into it this year. Justin and I went with mom and a friend of hers to the Omni Hotel on New Years for a murder mystery dinner theater. Yesterday I turned 30! I can't believe I am old enough to be 30 and married with 3 kids. Mom watched the boys all afternoon and evening so Justin and could go out. We went and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - great - and had dinner at The Melting Pot - great - and did a little shopping.

Well, that is it in a nut shell. I will get those pictures downloaded and will add those soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!