Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad Mommy!

While I sort laundry, the little boys usually love to help. Usually that makes for a very long process. Today they found something else to keep them occupied.

What does that say on the bottom?

Justin got a good kick out of it. It brought back a good memory (for him!) When his sister Mary was little he asked her if she wanted to ride on a space ship and put her in the dryer. He then shut the door and turned it on. He says he only let her turn twice before he let her out. See, Clint, you had it easy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns!

Yeah for Texas! I married into a HUGE Texas family and I guess it has rubbed off a little. Before the game we went to a local fire station for their open house. The boys had a wonderful time - even with Justin checking his watch every 5 minutes to make sure we weren't going to miss one second of the game. They boys were able to talk to all the firemen, climb on the fire engines and ambulances and eat popcorn. They, well Camden and Zachary, decided they should all be firemen for Halloween. *Kendra* Camden said, "Then we can be just like Mr. Jeremy!"

He knew I was going to take pictures, so Jackson spilled chocolate milk on his horns shirt as we were walking out the door.

Camden loved sitting in the driver seat. Notice Zachary is crying in this picture.

He somehow cut his leg on something in the engine and had to get bandaged by a fireman.

They had set up this really cute cut-out of a house. Behind it they were lighting a fire and letting the kids spray water through the window to put out the fire. It was hard to get the boys to stop.