Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Before Christmas comes.......

I should post Halloween pictures. Because I'm so late, I'll just put the pics. The boys were so cute as the Three Musketeers. The day before we went to main street for trick or treating. The boys won first place in the costume contest.

Then we went to the Great Wolf Lodge again for their Halloween party. I'm glad the boys we preoccupied with the water park because they only ended up with about 5 pieces of candy. They spent two days playing in the water.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and Thanksgiving and maybe I'll get some Christmas pictures up before Easter!


Bunch of Oranges said...

ok girl.. I am cracking up at you having Halloween pics! Get some Christmas pics now. :) Their costumes were soo cute!

Dad said...

Forgot this was out there. The older three boys look like giants now compared to these pictures.